ABOUT DOMAIN DAKINI, INC.  Dr. Heckert is a practicing dentist, attorney, and teacher of law and dentistry on the university level.  Dr. Heckert started investing in domain names in the year 2000.  Hours and hours have been spent combing lists of expired domains and bidding for names at auction.  She collected only the original extensions, Dot COM, NET and ORG, and a few Dot US extensions for the use of United States citizens and businesses.          

Now, Dr. Heckert, is the CEO of Domain Dakini, Inc.  She continues to work full time in her professions and the domains she collected are available through Domain name agents.  Her son, George, now a practicing internist, purchased many of her domains about five years ago and is CEO of Domain Sage, Inc. 

ABOUT DOMAIN EXTENSIONS  The US Department of Defense created the internet in the Seventies.  Users connected with each other via long number addresses. It was not until the mid-eighties that the domain name system was created.  The initial top level domains, including .com, .net, and .org were introduced at that time. Suddenly became 'company.com'.  Registration  of a domain name server was with the National Science Foundation.   The registrations became burdensome to the NSF.

          In 1998, a quasi-governmental organization, ICANN, was formed to oversee the domain name system and names were registered by and maintained through registrars that communicated directly with a central Internet Domain Name databank. By 2000 it became obvious that every major business needed a WWW presence, and at the present time well over  25,000, 000 domain names with 50,000 registered every day.   Other domain extensions were  soon allowed and each country was assigned it's own domain name  and country managed its own extension. (For instance, .co is the extension of the country Columbia, .tv is the extension for the Island of Tuvalu, .MD is assigned to Moldova.)

ACQUIRE A DAKINI DOMAIN Domains are listed at Afternic, GoDaddy and Sedo.  Please buy from one of these sites.  Where fixed prices are listed, these are firm.  Dakini domains are first rate.  They are offered at very reasonable prices because we do not have a sales team. This will give you a free escrow service and other assistance you may need.  If you are  interested in bulk purchases, contact Domain Dakini, Inc. by email and explain the type of  we are contacted you are buying and your price range.  ("Lowball" offers will not be answered).  Thanks for visiting.


DOT COM, NET, ORG are preferred by serious world wide business, they have appreciated far better than all the others.

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